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Our Main Shop is located in Heisler, AB.

Come for a Visit anytime but especially on Thursday Evenings to our Bike Night in Heisler. May to October.

Visit the Heisler Hotel & Bar

Get some Heisler Sausages

See the largest Baseball Glove

See the best Bikes in Canada

If you don’t ride Why stay alive?

Build your own Bike weekends in the Summer!

Have you ever dreamt of building your own Bike?

Maybe you even started one and found out how hard it actually is?

Still want to do it?

No matter how old or young you are. No matter what mechanical (or non-mechanical) background you have. We can teach you, how to build your own Bike in a 3 Day weekend course!

How is that even possible?

We have created a modular Bike that is build of a modular system and turns the assembly of our Bikes in to a very easy to learn task that can be achieved in a 3 day course.

Our Bike Builders can built an entire Bike in 9 hours and after we show you the tricks and the steps to follow, so can you.

No matter if you choose to build our Chopper, Tim Hog or Cruiser, no matter if in the 320, 650 or 1640 Edition, the steps remain virtually the same and all the parts are ready to go.

Before you come to the course, we have already prepared all the parts for YOUR assembly.

Your Frame is powder coated in the colour of your choice. The gas tank and Fenders are ready and painted and the wiring Harness is built.

Lets play Lego for grown ups and 3 days later your drive home YOUR Bike!

We only offer the build your own Bike weekends during the summer, so we can turn your entire weekend in to a Weekend of Fun as well.

Bring your Camper or Tent and setup in our cute little Village either on the Village Campgrounds with full hookup or stay on our Property and camp out wild.

Be prepared to share the camping with our friends the Powered Para Glider and Ultra light Flyers that regularly stay with us for the weekends and share in the fun.

We fly in the mornings, build Motorcycles during the day, fly some more in the evenings and turn the BBQ on for some crazy Potlucks with the famous Heisler Sausages on and/or hit the famous Heisler Hotel/Bar and Cafe for Diner and a few coldies!

During the summer, we also sponsor and support the Heisler Bike Nights, every Thursday evenings, right at the Heisler Hotel and Bar.

Come on Thursday evening for Bike Night and stay until Sunday, to ride home on your brand new Williams Bike that you build yourself!

There is NO CHARGE for this course!

The Village of Heisler!

The Place to visit with your Motorcycle and spend some time with the makers and shakers of Williams Custom Bikes of Canada!

Build Your Own Bike