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Our Main Shop is located in Heisler, AB.

Come for a Visit anytime but especially on Thursday Evenings to our Bike Night in Heisler. May to October.

Visit the Heisler Hotel & Bar

Get some Heisler Sausages

See the largest Baseball Glove

See the best Bikes in Canada

If you don’t ride Why stay alive?

All our staff are active Riders! From the Janitor to the President, we ALL ride and know what a “real” Bike should feel like!

Incorporated September 21st 1989 in Alberta and owned by Irv Williams 100% ever since.

Managing Partner is Irene Bernard (Marketing and Sales)

Irv Williams opened up Williams Chrysler, Jeep & RV Center on September 21st 1989 in Fort McMurray, Alberta. His extreme loyalty to his staff and his Customers soon became famous and in the long run, must be credited to his extreme Success in the hard and unforgiving Business World of Fort McMurray. There is no better Boss!


Bob Bitchin

“Attitude the difference between an adventure and an ordeal”

In 2003 Sven Bernard became an employee and has worked his way through the ranks up to Managing Director until health reasons mandated for Sven to step down and retire. However, Irene Bernard stepped up to the plate and with continuous guidance and a little help from Sven, she is now completely capable of looking after Sales and Marketing for our firm.

There is one more important Name soon to be released here, but still kept under wraps. This Person is the Force behind the development of an all new Engine to be used in our Coffee Racers and Trikes. When the time is ripe we will uncover this Veil.

Canadian riding staff